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Audio Recordings of What People Say About Us

The Food Schmooze with Faith Middleton on WNPR

On November 15, 2006, Craig Floyd appeared on Faith Middleton's weekly WNPR radio broadcast of The Food Schmooze. Craig's segment followed her interview with the author of the new cookbook Improvisational Cooking.  In an interesting and even emotional interview, she talked to Craig about his philosophy of humane farming, and about Footsteps Farm in general. 

You can listen to just the segment with Craig using the audio controller below.

Or, you can listen to Faith's entire show for that day. Craig's segment begins about 32 minutes into the show.

Many thanks to Faith Middleton for allowing us to have the audio from this interview here on our website.


A Different Route To The Dinner Table

Recorded by Stephen Slosberg after a phone call with Craig Floyd on March 12, 2007, this was the prelude to (and a more personal telling of) the article A Different Route To The Dinner Table, published by The Day on March 13, 2007. You can listen to his audio version using the controller below, and here is the print version (both with permission). 

Many thanks to Stephen (and The Day) for his contacting us!! and for letting us post the article and the recording.