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Heritage Breeds

Heritage Breeds are, quite simply, historic breeds of animals such as those our ancestors of the past few centuries would have raised and enjoyed.  They are not genetically altered or "manufactured."  In many cases, they are endangered breeds, on the verge of extinction. 

When launching our farm program (which you can read about in our Journal), we decided on heritage breeds because:

1. We want to save endangered specis and are interested in having breeds that were around during my favorite year for re-enactments and Living History, 1756.

2. They can manage for themselves, are more hardy than modern breeds, don't need to be pampered, and are used to fending for themselves.

3. They have more flavor and taste like meat used to taste when our ancestors sat down for a meal.

Besides, they are prettier, more docile, and much more intelligent than today's genetically altered breeds.

So in a nutshell, they are the only animals suitable for our philosophy of how we raise farm animals and the meat products we wish to sell. If you haven't done so already, you can read the details of this philosophy when you read About Footsteps Farm.

As you read about each of the breeds we choose to raise (by following the submenu below), you will read about their natural hardiness, about how their natural habits actually help develop the farmland, about how much better they are for food products, and much more about these wonderful animals we call friends.

Highland Cattle
Tamworth Hogs
Bourbon Red Turkeys

For more information elsewhere on the web about Heritage Breeds, please see our Links page.

Also, we strongly encourage you to watch a wonderful video of a special report by Fox News 61 about Heritage Breeds and Footsteps Farm, which aired November 22, 2006.